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Buck Webb

Vice President, Marketing Database Capability Leader

Buck is the Point Solution Leader for the Marketing Database at Merkle and also manages the competencies responsible for building reusable, extendable industry-specific database assets.

Buck has worked in various capacities at Merkle over the 8+ years he has been with the company, including Senior BI Developer, Operations Manager, Program Manager, TSG capability lead and TSG GDC lead. Prior to Merkle, Buck worked in various consulting firms including Physics International, Olin Corporation, Cognos (now IBM), CBSI (now IBM), and Analytics Inc (now Booz Allen). Buck was also the R&D Advisor for the Maryland Judicial branch of government, COO, Panurgy Chesapeake Region, and had a few stints as a small business owner.  

Buck's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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Marketing's Primordial Soup

As an agency with deep roots in the technology of marketing, we’ve always specialized in bringing together disparate data elements to produce actionable, measurable results. Initially we provided data list management, then traditional marketing databases. Now we focus on industry-specific performance marketing databases that include technology-enabled analytics and overarching omni-channel, customer-centric solutions.

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