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Catherine Mackin

Customer Strategy Senior Director

Catherine is a Customer Strategy Senior Director at Merkle with over 9 years of experience in relationship marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.  She partners with pharmaceutical marketers to develop data-driven marketing strategies and plans based on a deep understanding of brand goals and target customers.  Catherine’s passion is using data to develop actionable solutions for marketing problems.  Her experience includes relationship marketing program planning, email best practice consulting, program cadence design, test plan development, and program performance analysis and optimization.  Prior to joining Merkle, Catherine served on the CRM Strategy team at Epsilon across pharmaceutical and restaurant clients. She holds a BS in Marketing from Boston College.

Catherine's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Omni Channel

How to Take a First Step Towards Omni-Channel Pharma Marketing

Today, personalization is a expectation for most consumers. However, progressing beyond siloed, one-size-fits-all campaigns and tactics can seem daunting.

Emailing Your Customers: When Is It Too Much?

Emailing Your Customers: When Is It Too Much?

In our rapidly evolving digital marketing ecosystem, email has remained a staple among marketers. It is widely used as an effective non-personal channel for both consumers and HCPs. But if you're wondering if you're sending too much, you're not alone.