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Chris Crichton

Vice President, Channel Optimization
Chris Crichton

Chris brings over 20 years of digital and mobile marketing experience to Merkle. As Vice President of Channel Optimization, Chris drives innovative digital marketing strategy, creative, and execution for top tier brands. He has worked across many verticals; including sports & entertainment, retail, financial services, healthcare, and technology.

Chris's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

What Is the Merkle Innovation Cloud?

The Merkle Innovation Cloud allows us to demonstrate how Merkle can use data and these marketing cloud technologies to power the cross-channel customer experience in a real lab environment.

A Better Approach to the Traditional Site Redesign Model

Given the pace at which people-based targeting and audience management are evolving in paid media channels, it is surprising how little the site redesign process has changed during the same period of time.

Brands seem to be stuck in a cycle where they redesign their websites every 4-5 years to “catch up” to their competitors and to update their technology platforms. This model typically uses very little insight from site data to support changes to the design – often resulting in a new, unfamiliar, and jarring experience for the user – resulting in decreased site conversion.