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Chris Murray

Vice President, Financial Services
Chris Murray

Chris has more than 25 years of issuer and agency experience in senior roles in all facets of card marketing — new customer acquisition, existing customer management, and new product development. He has held senior marketing positions with Citigroup, Sears, and JP Morgan Chase. Chris has led virtually every functional area in the typical credit card marketing department including acquisitions, existing customer management, new product development, and loyalty e-customer. 

Chris's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Five Challenges for Card Issuers Entering the Mobile Wallet Space

It is very difficult to craft a mobile wallet solution that overcomes five key challenges and satisfies all of the stakeholders. If you’re considering a move into this space, here are the five factors that will be a challenge when establishing mobile wallet adoption.

Chase Pay: Mobile Wallet Game Changer? Or The Next Big Flop?

What should marketers make of JPMorgan Chase's introduction of Chase Pay, its proprietary mobile wallet solution?

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The Cashless World

The World Economic Forum, a Swiss nonprofit foundation most known for their annual Davos world leader summit, recently released their report, “The Future of Financial Services.” The report focuses on the impact that disruption is currently having on the financial services industry.