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Croom Lawrence

VP, Customer Strategy
Croom Lawrence

Croom is an agency leader in the strategy group at Merkle. He advises US and global marketing organizations on brand leadership, digital transformation, and connected experience design to drive greater customer relevance and business performance.  He helps Merkle clients align to a differentiated vision of automated, personalized, and predictive customer experiences. Croom seeks to inspire teams to see things differently, to affect behavior change, and to reshape the way businesses engage with their customers through an understanding of human insights and data.

Croom's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Connecting the 5 Spheres of People-Based Marketing

Five people-focused domains must be mastered in order to measure and manage individual relationships, better align influencer programs, and optimize the overall cumulative impact on behavior. These domains, or “spheres,” encompass not only traditional digital and offline engagements, but also personalized experiences and orchestrated campaigns built on today’s cloud marketing platforms.

From persistent identity to cloud marketing driven by artificial intelligence (AI), managing holistic experience is now the hallmark of brand leadership, regardless of category. Here’s how PBM plays a key role.

What Does the Future Hold for Peer Reviewed Medicine?

What Does the Future Hold for Peer Reviewed Medicine?

Would you prescribe a drug just because other doctors “like” it? There are indications that this may already be happening, and health marketers should start thinking about what that means for them.

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Embracing the Next Generation of Fundraising

Join Merkle and USO for an insightful look at the just-released results of the Digital Roundup: 2017 Merkle Nonprofit Online Fundraising Benchmark Report.
Topics: Nonprofit | Performance Media & Digital Advertising
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Creating Positive Consumer Experiences

It's now possible for pharmaceuticals, payers, and healthcare providers to deliver tailored and personalized messages on a broad scale. Hear Croom Lawrence discuss how it is now possible to know when and where you can connect your audience to a more relevant experience for a greater health impact.
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Big Data in Pharma Creates Big Insights

One powerful insight into health innovation is the notion of forgetting. Quantum leaps like electronic medical records (EMR) are as mundane as the electricity surging through our homes, but they are not yet ubiquitous.
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Big Data Will Drive the Big Ideas

For pharmaceutical marketers and other health care communicators who are seeking to change patient behaviors that lead to health outcomes, there are some foundational beliefs we all hold dear — namely that we have the power to transform the doctor-patient relationships, overcome personal barriers to taking me