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Danielle Waller

Senior Manager, Amazon & eRetail
Danielle Waller

Danielle Waller is a Senior Manager on the Amazon & eRetail team at Merkle. She's worked with Amazon Advertising for over five years and her role has evolved from analysis and client relationship management to leading dedicated accounts. Having worked with clients in many verticals, Danielle helps drive strategy and ensures execution of key optimizations for Amazon Ads by providing strategic oversight on CPG and Retail Amazon accounts.

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Unpacking Amazon Prime Day 2019

Unpacking Amazon Prime Day 2019

Get the Amazon Prime Day report from the people who lived it. Join Amazon Advertising experts as they break down how Amazon Prime Day 2019 went. Learn how 2019 performance compared to years past and what surprised the industry this year. Plus, hear recommendations for advertising on Amazon on any day of the year.

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