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Darnell Thompson

Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics
Darnell Thompson

Darnell is a Senior Manager within the Advanced Analytics group focusing on personalization and decision orchestration. He has worked with clients in the insurance, pharmaceutical, finance and high technology verticals. Prior to Merkle, he developed algorithms to detect fraud in online advertising and worked in the research department of a large hedge fund. Darnell lives in the New York City area and has engineering degrees from Princeton University and Georgia Tech.

Darnell's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Overcoming Consumer Concerns on the Road to Personalization

At the moment, several companies and their marketing partners are working furiously to integrate all of the available information about their current and potential consumers, such as past purchases, browsing habits, and third-party information, into a seamless representation of preferences, habits, and patterns.  The goal is to understand the consumer better, allowing companies to personalize each interaction between the company and the consumer.