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George Kamide - ARCHIVE

George Kamide

George Kamide is the Manager of Social Media and Content at Merkle | RKG. Find him on Twitter @rkg_k

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Merkle Insight Video: Winners and Rookie Callouts from the 2017 Digital Bowl Report

Winners and Rookie Callouts from the 2017 Digital Bowl Report

Our latest Merkle Insight video takes a look at the biggest winners and the best performing "rookies" during this year's Super Bowl.

What Super Bowl Social Media Success Looks Like

Social media success for Super Bowl advertisers boils down to how well brands take advantage of three fundamental aspects of social media: engagement, conversation, and content.

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One Hundred Percent Increase in Social Traffic! Now What?

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or March Madness, event-based marketing campaigns planned with only the typical KPIs in mind -- increases in site or social traffic, follower growth, or revenue -- may be limited by short-term thinking.