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George Michie

George Michie is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Scientist of Merkle | RKG. Email

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The Vast Opportunity of Audience-Based Search Marketing

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran an article on a new service Google is rumored to be developing that would allow advertisers to better leverage customer data in their search advertising. According to the article, the people-based marketing system would operate along the same lines as Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter’s Tailored Audiences.

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The Profit Playbook: Avoiding a Marketing Death Spiral

The Profit Playbook: Avoiding a Marketing Death Spiral

What ROI goal or KPI is right for your digital marketing program? Join me for this Google Hangout, The Profit Playbook, where I discuss what considerations advertisers should take into account when setting their program goals and what the potential danger is in viewing performance with too narrow a lens.

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Tips for Managing the Multichannel Maze

Which advertising dollars drive sales, and which don't? Direct mail drives web sales, web advertising drives phone and retail business, and within web, paid search drives email and vice versa. It's increasingly difficult to see. We'll give some tips for finding a way through the maze.
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YouTube and Viral Marketing

YouTube captures the marketer's imagination: a huge number of eyeballs, a perfect medium for communicating messages of any length, and a user base that is nanoseconds away from your store. But how do we get them to voluntarily watch a commercial?
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AdGroups as a Barrier to Success

AdGroups are useful for folks managing small programs, and an essential construct in making Content advertising work well. However, for a large complex search program, AdGroups are simply in the way.
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4 Keys for Maximizing the Long Tail

We often hear references to "the Long Tail" of search. But the length of the list is secondary to the value it's bringing to the program. Quantifying the "thickness" of your tail can be a good check on the overall health of the program.
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PPC Copy Changes Can Hurt You

Finding the right message for your PPC ads is important, and testing is a key component of a well run program. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Find out the sometimes hidden costs of over doing the copy changes.
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PPC Benchmarks by Product Category

Yesterday I wrote about the relationship between PPC program performance and business models. Today we'll take a look at how product categories seem to impact the numbers.
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SEM Agencies In Crisis? Good!

David Pasternack of Did-It argues that the reason 80% of companies are dissatisfied with their SEMs is that good service can't be had without huge management fees. We say he's wrong.
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Brand PPC: a Waste of Money?!?

MSN and Atlas released a study suggesting that half of search budgets are wasted on brand search...whose campaigns are these guys looking at?!?
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Google Changes Ad Positioning Logic

Google says the change is designed to improve the quality of ad results. We see the change as a medium-sized plus, coupled with a potentially frightening minus.