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Hermes Ma

Head of Performance Media, Greater China, Japan & S. Korea, Merkle APAC

Hermes joined Merkle in 2015. He started as the manager at media operations and took over Merkle’s search business in 2016. Hermes has over a decade of experience in digital marketing in Greater China and Asia and is a firm believer in the primacy of hard data to optimize acquisition channels and maximize conversion effectiveness. Hermes hold a BSs in Computer Science and Technology from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Hermes's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Baidu's Cambrian project could remake the web ecosystem

Has Baidu Cracked the Code of the New Web Ecosystem?

Clearly, Baidu has envisioned the roadmap of its next 10 years as a search engine: to rebuild the web ecosystem.

What SEOs need to know about Baidu in 2017

Interested in breaking into the Chinese search market? Hermes Ma shares some recent Baidu updates, along with SEO advice for those trying to rank in the Chinese search engine.

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Baidu becomes Google’s biggest ally in mobile page speed

The breaking news came on March 7, 2017, that Baidu is now supporting Google’s mobile framework, AMP. The tech leader of Baidu MIP, Gao Lei, gave a speech at Google’s first AMP conference in New York. He confirmed that Baidu is working hand-in-hand with Google to accelerate the faster web globally.
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Baidu Adds New Spider with Rendering Job

A change in the way Baidu will crawl sites signals an elevated investment in user experience and safety on the web, bringing the platform more in line with other advanced search engines.
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Chinese E-Commerce Watch – Branding Opportunities on Baidu

Singles’ Day, China’s biggest e-commerce day annually, takes place on November 11. For just one single day, Tmall (the main shopping platform under Alibaba Group), will generate sales that eclipse the entirety of US e-commerce revenue on Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined ($5.8 Billion).