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Jane Portman

SVP & GM, Health
Jane Portman

In her role as General Manager, Jane is responsible for establishing Merkle Health’s unique positioning in the Healthcare Industry. She leads the development of innovative solutions that support the evolving business needs of her diverse healthcare clients across Pharmaceutical, Payer, Provider, Animal Health, and Wellness sectors. Jane connects the power of Merkle’s full-service offerings across client success, technology, media, strategy, analytics, and creative, to help the world’s best health brands create competitive advantage through people-based marketing. 

Jane has over 15 years of experience solving client challenges and providing strategic perspective through a health lens. At Merkle, prior to her role as GM, Jane led the Health Analytics Practice, bringing innovative data-driven solutions to optimize customer experience through targeting, segmentation, measurement, and actionable insights. Prior to joining Merkle, Jane worked at Publicis where she developed corporate-level bespoke CRM analytic solutions that were adopted by Publicis affiliates. Jane also has extensive client-side and out-of-industry experience, having worked at Newsweek and E*TRADE Financial.  

Jane's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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Leveraging HCP Migration to Optimize Multi-Channel Spend

One of the biggest challenges that launch brands in unique therapeutic areas face is identifying the right target audience for both unbranded and branded messaging. The right audience can impact speed to market, awareness and trial, business impact, and ROI.
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Audience Profiling for Professionals

Knowing and understanding your audience is at the center of every successful marketing campaign. One trend that continues to gain traction is the notion of audience profiling.
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Making Broad Based Pharmaceutical Messaging Relevant – Anonymously

A few weeks ago one of my colleagues spoke to the unlikelihood of a broadly accepted, one-stop shop for HCPs, an Amazon-like site for physicians. While that message resonates, it is highly likely that the driving force behind Amazon’s success is coming to pharma, namely, pharma is getting personal.