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Jennifer Wolf

Associate Director, Testing and Optimization
Jennifer Wolf

As Associate Director of Testing & Optimization at Merkle, Jenn uses her passion for testing to help clients build and evolve successful optimization programs. With over 10 years of digital experience, she brings both strategic and tactical expertise to help drive impactful, data-driven testing programs with measurable results. She is an optimization & personalization evangelist at heart and has a broad background spanning across a variety of industries including eTail, financial services, insurance, and pharma.


Jennifer's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Talking personalization

Talking Personalization, Part 8: Insurance

In part eight of the Talking Personalization series, we discuss the insurance and wealth management industry with Aaron Tellier, SVP, General Manager - Insurance Wealth Management at Merkle.

Talking Personalization

Talking Personalization, Part 7: High Tech

In part seven of the Talking Personalization Series, we discuss how the industry is working to deliver more personalized experiences in our discussion with Michael McLaren EVP, High Tech Vertical Lead at Merkle.

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Talking Personalization, Part 4: Technology

In this series, we’ve interviewed our martech experts to better understand what’s happening in personalization. Here, Matt Mobley, SVP, Technology, Merkle, shares his perspective on personalization, which is surprisingly not necessarily tech-focused.