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Jill Hartling

Senior Director, Marketing Strategy
Jill Hartling

Jill Hartling is Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Merkle. She has over 16 years of marketing experience with a focus on data driven marketing and customer experience.

At Merkle, Jill has led strategy on a number of clients spanning verticals and practices.

Before joining Merkle, Jill led the CRM and Retention team at Experian Consumer Services building omni-channel automation and personalization at scale. She has also worked at a number of startups where she was able to build teams and marketing strategy from the ground up. While at L’Occitane Jill received a Marketing Sherpa award for her work on an innovative multi-channel digital campaign. She is passionate about the customer experience and how the infusion of technology and art can transform it. 

Jill’s experience as an IT professional—prior to becoming a marketer—positions her to speak fluently to some of the more technical elements of marketing including the capabilities and opportunities that can enhance comprehensive marketing strategies.

Jill lives in Westchester NY and received her Bachelor of Science in Communications with a focus in Creative Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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