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Joerg Rothenbuehler

Associate Director, Insurance & Wealth Management Analytics Practice

Joerg Rothenbuehler is an Associate Director in Merkle's insurance practice responsible for delivering analytical solutions to clients. He has over a decade of experience of developing and deploying modeling solutions in the insurance and financial services industry.   

Prior to joining Merkle in 2013, he was at Capital One, where he was leading a team of statisticians developing models in the card division. He also served as a model validation officer, an internal model governance advisor overseeing the development and monitoring of credit risk and response models.

He holds a PhD in Operations Research from Cornell University.

Joerg's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

What to Consider in Data Science for the Financial Services Industry

When working with data for marketing in Financial Services, there are a number of implications analysts and marketers  need to consider. The reason is that there is a higher regulatory scrutiny on the financial industry, especially due to the financial crisis. This is especially true for marketing campaigns where prospects are pre-screened using credit bureau data in order to receive a firm offer of credit. This affects marketers who work in financial services.

How Complex Should Your Marketing Model Be?

Complex marketing models — especially ensemble models — are gaining popularity, but come with pitfalls and tradeoffs. Here's what to consider when you are crafting a new marketing model or making changes to one that is already in place.