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John Negrau

Director, Content Strategy & Engagement
John Negrau

As the Director of Content Strategy and Engagement, John Negrau ensures all off-page visibility efforts follow best practices for Merkle | RKG clients and has crafted the systems, methodologies, and processes that scale external initiatives. For numerous Fortune 500 companies, he oversees the execution of strategic visibility campaigns, backlink profile health assessments, and search engine algorithmic or manual penalty rescues.

Since joining Merkle | RKG in 2012, first as a Relationship Management Specialist then as the Digital Visibility Manager, John has developed and engineered scalable strategies that focus on compelling user experiences. These strategies are executed through vetted marketing channels by virtue of Merkle | RKG proprietary technologies and processes.

John’s entrepreneurial spirit provides the foundation for his innovative work and insights. His seventeen wide-ranging years in marketing and sales began at age nineteen when he launched a temporary staffing agency in Chicago (while attending college). Starting with six employees and one client, John’s business flourished and eventually employed more than 600 workers.

John graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Management and Finance.

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