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Joseph Colletti

Senior Vice President, Technology Solutions Group
Joseph Colletti

Joe has been in the data processing industry since 1984. Joe’s last 15 years have been in specializing international and business to business database and customer relationship marketing (CRM) capabilities for Fortune 500 companies. He has overseen the creation of over 30 CRM databases in the last 11 years. He has a solid industry reputation for delivering these databases cost-effectively, on budget and on time. Joe has written white papers on b-to-b marketing and international database best practices and is considered an expert at understanding strengths and weakness of many different approaches. 

Joseph's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Test Marketing Cost Control in the Digital Age

I remember the promise years ago in which the prevailing buzzword was "one-to-one marketing." The dirty little secret everyone in the room knew back then was that the term itself was a lie. Marketing could never be one-to-one at that time because technology did not support it. However the name "one to a targeted group that looked like one" would not really have sold anyone on the premise. Neither the data nor the technology existed.