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Josh Herman

Senior Vice President, Data Products
Josh Herman

Josh Herman, Senior Vice President, Data Products, Merkle Inc., leads the consumer and B2B marketing data product strategy and management for DataSource and Merkle’s data product portfolio. DataSource is the leading marketing data provider, enabling omni-channel, addressable marketing utilizing integrated data covering over 240MM U.S. adults. Prior to Merkle, Josh served as Global Director, Data Driven Marketing & Analytic Technology and was the ‘CIO Award’ winner for Kimberly-Clark Corporation, where he led technology strategy for CRM, ad tech, and analytic platforms. Josh was previously VP of Partner and Product Strategy for Acxiom Corporation. His responsibilities there included business development for multichannel marketing applications in mobile, TV, online media, email and print channels. As one of the creators of the household segmentation system Personicx, he also develops marketing applications leveraging Personicx across different industries and business applications. more. Josh has been recognized as one of American Demographics magazine’s “25 most influential people on the demographic landscape in the past 25 years.”

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Data Privacy

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Before getting sucked into the vortex of parsing legalese, it’s helpful to strip the digital varnish off the California Consumer Privacy Act and just look at the business principles involved.