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Kearby Chen

Kearby Chen is a Marketing Strategy Director at RKG. Google+

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Video: Digital Sandwich Boards

Video: Digital Sandwich Boards

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RKG Releases Paid Search Retail Case For Universities

As part of our ongoing university outreach efforts, we’ve recently developed a paid search retail business case to provide materials for business programs that use the “case method” and/or professors seeking content to drive a quantitatively-based classroom discussion (or team competition!).

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When Should You Delete a Low Traffic Keyword?

Regularly researching keyword opportunities and expanding your term list is critical to the success of a paid search program, but knowing when to delete keywords with low potential is also an important consideration in managing PPC accounts at scale.
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Making Use of Google Keyword Status Data

In the AdWords interface, Google provides several pieces of information at the keyword level to help advertisers determine whether a low impression term has a remediable problem. Here are a few things to check.
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Seller Rating Extensions: What's Your Rating?

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of Sitelinks, Product Extensions, and the various pros and cons of those offerings. It’s been a month since AdWords Seller Rating Extensions went live, but is the extension helping or hurting you?