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Kelly Brown

Director, Media
Kelly Brown

Kelly is a Media Director at Merkle, responsible for ensuring best in class delivery of media strategy and execution across a variety of retail client accounts. While at Merkle, Kelly has developed a passion for digital innovation and facilitating cross-service collaboration. Prior to joining Merkle, she worked at Google for over four years. At Google, she worked to support new business acquisitions to Google Search and Display, along with managing and supporting the Google TV Ads and YouTube Ads products for clients in the retail vertical. Kelly holds a BA in Advertising and Marketing from Western Kentucky University. She enjoys photography and wine tasting in the beautiful hills of Virginia. 

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Kelly Brown, senior director of media services at digital agency Merkle, says having a fixed cost allows buyers to invest more dollars into working media. "But if we're investing in channels outside this DSP, you would be paying for a platform that you are not using," Brown says. "So it's similar to Netflix: regardless if you watch 100 hours or zero hours, you are going to pay."

Your 2017 Holiday Win List for Paid Search and Media

Your 2017 Holiday Win List for Paid Search and Media

Each holiday period’s scheduling is a little different than the last due to the nature of the shifting number of days between Thanksgiving, when holiday shopping demand traditionally begins in earnest, and Christmas.

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