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Kent Groves, PhD

Vice President Global Health Strategy, Health
Kent Groves

Kent is a Senior Vice President of Strategy, and leads Merkle’s Global Health Strategy practice. He has been consulting in the areas of pharmaceutical and animal health strategy for more than 20 years. He is published extensively in a variety of journals including, Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Formulary, the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, and the Journal of Database Marketing. Kent is recognized as a subject matter expert in the area of factors influencing physician prescribing, is the author of several white papers, and most recently was the lead author for the chapter on Prescribing Behavior in Social and Behavioral Aspects of Pharmaceutical Care, 3rd Edition, published in 2016.


Kent has worked with a number of clients in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and animal health vertical including Abbvie, AstraZeneca, BMS, Boehringer Ingelheim, Elanco, Gilead, GSK, Merck,  Novartis,  and Sanofi (Genzyme, Chattem and Merial), focusing on engagement and communication strategy in the US, Canada, Europe and Australasia. He has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Strategy and Policy from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, and holds the position of Assistant Professor, Clinical Pharmacy, at the James L Winkle College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati.

Kent's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

CCPA Health

Expanding Guardrails for the Customer-Centric Health Revolution

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) looms as the first general consumer privacy law that will affect all domestic US industries, including healthcare.

Patient Consent Required – It’s Not Your Data!

Google’s data deal with Ascension Health that was announced last week yet again reinforces why patients and advocacy groups need to be included, from the start, on major contracts involving personal health information (PHI). 

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Leveraging HCP Migration to Optimize Multi-Channel Spend

One of the biggest challenges that launch brands in unique therapeutic areas face is identifying the right target audience for both unbranded and branded messaging. The right audience can impact speed to market, awareness and trial, business impact, and ROI.
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What Does the Future Hold for Peer Reviewed Medicine?

Would you prescribe a drug just because other doctors “like” it? There are indications that this may already be happening, and health marketers should start thinking about what that means for them.
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How Would You Rate Your Communications to HCPs?

It is critical to move away from an ad hoc approach incorporating email into your campaign strategy, and to take a more analytic approach to the frequency, content, cadence, and targeting of your overall email communication.