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Lauren Polinsky

Senior Account Manager, SEO

Lauren’s experience in website optimization goes back nearly a decade, where she began her online career as a coordinator for a national retailer & catalog company website, often working on multi-channel organic search optimization tactics. For the last four years she has worked with a range of Merkle clients providing strategic guidance to maximize organic visibility for a range of business verticals such as Travel & Hospitality, Insurance, Telecom, and Retail. She assists almost all of our SEO Team members and many other departments to help Merkle’s clients see success through their integrated marketing efforts as any successful SEM campaign rests upon the sound foundation of an optimized website.

Lauren Polinsky has 8 years' experience working in mobile and social marketing, organic SEO and digital consulting. At Merkle | IMPAQT, she has provided strategic guidance to multiple website redesigns involving mobile optimization, CMS migrations, and code-based tactics to maximize organic visibility. She provides real world examples and key takeaways in managing large, complex websites range from eCommerce to B2B websites to increase organic visibility through data-based, scalable enterprise strategies.

Lauren's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

The Google-Twitter Partnership

If you’ve been paying attention to the online marketing news lately, you may have heard that Twitter and Google have inked a deal to present Twitter information in Google’s search results. This article should hopefully answer some of those burning questions you may still have about the deal.

18 Online Marketing Priorities for 2015: Advice and Predictions for the Year Ahead

Merkle Search Account Managers brainstormed which trends and best practices would be the most impactful to implement in 2015. Who needs 1,000 things to do in 2015? Let’s just talk about the most interesting.