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Leah van Zelm

Vice President, Digital Agency Group Strategy
Leah van Zelm

Leah is a 15-year CRM veteran with experience leading customer strategy projects, implementing marketing initiatives, and mobilizing organizations. As VP and Principal Consultant, she is focused on understanding consumer decisioning and advancing customer-centric experiences. The role brings together her passion for consumer psychology, traditional marketing, and direct, insight-driven marketing. Leah is a frequent contributor to Merkle thought leadership on the topics of Connected CRM, consulting issues, and industry-specific matters.

Leah’s work benefits from sound knowledge in consumer research, CRM process and organization design, media mix measurement, segmentation and customer insight, CRM capability assessments, roadmaps and implementation, business case development, and program management. In her eight years with Merkle, Leah has worked with retail, insurance, banking, travel, media and entertainment, and B2B companies.

In addition to positions in research and marketing for a top cable company, Leah spent five years in Accenture’s CRM Practice. During her tenure there, she helped a marketing service provider design offshore operations; developed segmentation and associated acquisition and retention programs for a leading mobile phone provider; contributed to the transformation of a leading telecommunications company around customer centricity; and helped launch a data mining company by supporting both go-to-market plan and operating model design. Leah holds a BA and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Leah's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Brands are, and should be, focusing on customer centricity

Research Supports a Shift to Customer Centricity for Companies to Increase Market Share

Brands are continuing to focus on customer centricity and the strategies to gain share in the market. Whether it is organizing data around customers, anticipating the customer journey, or implementing addressability at scale, putting the customer first is an integral function for future growth.

How to Maximize Lifetime Value through People-Based Marketing

How to Maximize Lifetime Value through People-Based Marketing

PBM is a necessity for companies that want to execute the full potential of CRM in the digital age – integrating more data, drawing deeper insights, and delivering increasingly complex customer journeys across channels.

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