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Mary Ann Buoncristiano

Senior Vice President, Data Solutions
Mary Ann Buoncristiano

Mary Ann brings 25 years of acquisition and brokerage experience to our clients and team. MaryAnn is the strategic leader and will work to help develop acquisition solutions to meet your business objectives. She leads the team in understanding your organization’s business objectives and acquisition goals. She will also be the strategic lead in the development and implementation of your direct mail campaigns, including the analytics and reporting critical to our accountability. MaryAnn is also responsible for introducing resources and solutions from within Merkle’s organization that will improve your company’s direct mail acquisition program and long term equity of those customers.

MaryAnn has worked with the largest marketers, in all arenas during her career, enabling them to acquire new customers at a successful investment level, including AARP, People to People International (commercial and consumer), DirecTV (commercial and consumer), Dell, Amsterdam Printing and CitiGroup.

Mary's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Big Data Barnacles

Barnacles … over time they can attach themselves to your marketing ship. They impact speed, performance, and direction. If you continue to let them build, they could even stall and sink your ship! In the explosion of the overused term - “Big Data,” I have observed many companies addressing the big data world by continually adding more data sources to their marketing programs.