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Matt Naeger

Chief Strategy Officer, Americas,
Matt Naeger

As Merkle’s Chief Strategy Officer, Americas, Matt brings nearly 20 years of helping marketers and brands embrace the advancements that make direct customer relationships possible. He leads the agency’s omni-channel strategy experts across industries — designing and launching integrated marketing programs by converging data with media and creating experiences that truly reach individuals.  

From the onset of digital marketing, Matt was an innovator and founder at IMPAQT, a pioneer SEM agency, which after being acquired helped to establish Merkle’s focus on digital — he has played a key role in its position as a frontrunner in the changing advertising agency model. As a recognized thought leader in the digital space, Matt brings his core data principles, his energy for what’s next, and his deep expertise in improving marketing for some of the best brands in the world. He has also worked with partners like Google, Microsoft and Facebook as their platforms have developed providing his expertise to their product teams as they have evolved digital marketing.

Matt has served as a strategy partner to Whirlpool, General Mills, Mercedes Benz, and Comcast; recent clients include Chase, HBO, Office Depot, and Time Warner Inc.

Matt's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

2019 Imperatives Webinar Series: Imperative One: Integrate Your Customer Strategy

Imperative One: Integrate Your Customer Strategy

Learn to plan an enterprise-level customer strategy by defining your audiences and unpacking what you know about them.

Facebook’s Data Privacy Changes and What You Need to Know

A lot has happened in the last few weeks to cause abrupt changes in how Facebook handles the personal data of its more than 2 billion users. Because of the scale and reach of Facebook, any changes the social network makes are bound to have massive implications for the brands that leverage the platform to reach their customers.

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How Addressable Video Content Delivery Will Change the Game for M&E Advertisers

As consumer’s choice in how they engage with entertainment content rapidly changes over the next five years, people based commercial video delivery will be the next frontier for more traditional advertisers. Will they be ready to cross the line into one to one addressable commercial delivery?
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The Struggle is Real-Time for TV Networks

TV Networks have been at a marketing disadvantage for decades compared to other industries. The digital world has brought about the ability for brands in retail, financial services, healthcare, and others to reach and advertise to consumers in a measurable manner.
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5 Tips for Driving More Digital Bookings

Travel industry marketers are setting their sites on the customer, following in the steps of other industries such as retail and using digital platforms to strategically target and message across the customer journey.
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Does Data Limit The Opportunity To Grow Brands?

Yes, I am saying that it is what they deliver that matters, and that delivering it – even when it doesn’t lead directly to a conversion – can still be valuable in a marketing program. I have spent the better part of my career talking to marketers about how to optimize their spend against acquisition targets.
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Google Revolutionizes Advertising ... Again

Merkle has long been heralding the opportunity of addressable media to our clients and prospects. The Rise of the Platform Marketer, our book released this summer, focused on the tools and capabilities needed to capitalize on this rapidly emerging opportunity.
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A Marketer’s Most Important Question: Why?

Today, the fast-moving sector is further developing with addressable media while, at the same time, digital delivery has morphed from sluggish desktops with rudimentary browser capabilities to high-speed mobile devices and wearable devices. Why am I wasting precious space with such obvious claims?