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Matt Snow

Director, Analytics
Matt Snow

Since joining Merkle in 2013, Matt has been the analytics lead on major wealth management clients including Nationwide, TIAA, and Morgan Stanley. Prior to joining Merkle, Matt spent the majority of his career in financial services – JPM Chase, Nationwide, and Huntington Bank, with a three-year stint in publishing where he led the Global Analytics department for Highlights for Children. Through experience across marketing, brand, product, and risk, Matt has found his passion in leveraging data to uncover concrete and actionable solutions. Matt has bachelor’s degrees in math and finance from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and a master’s in statistics from The Ohio State University.

Matt currently resides just outside of Columbus, OH with his wife of 15 years, Megan, their three children, Henry, Jillian, and Oliver, and varying numbers and species of animals. Matt spends time away from spreadsheets and databases playing guitar and banjo in a band (www.sixmilestonellie.com).

Matt's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

What gets measured gets managed

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

A former manager of mine loved the phrase “what gets measured, gets managed,” and I’ve always intuitively related to that. After all, I’ve developed my career by providing insight and structure to help others manage their business. This year, however, that phrase has a newer, more personal meaning.

Where's the Customer in All This Data?

Where's the Customer in All This Data?

The actual customer, at times, gets lost in all this data. More and more brands are realizing this and moving back to a customer-centric approach.

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Agency Life Lessons Learned Waiting Tables

How do you find success working at an agency? We actually feel there’s a lot of similarities working at an agency and in food service or a restaurant. How do these two concepts even relate, you ask? We equate the diner to the client and the restaurant staff to the agency.