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Matthew Mierzejewski

EVP, Client Service & Delivery
Matthew Mierzejewski

As the Executive Vice President of Client Service and Delivery, Matthew Mierzejewski leads a team responsible for all of Merkle | RKG’s client service operations, including Paid Search, SEO, Social Media, PLAs, Display, and CSE Feed Management. His team focuses on continuing to grow each of Merkle | RKG’s services while maintaining high levels of client service, performance results and operational efficiency. Prior to his current role, Matt served as Merkle | RKG’s EVP of SEO (2014) and EVP of Paid Media (2008).

Matt has been a contributor to multiple industry roundtables, webinars and has also served as a Google SEM Beta Lead. Matt evaluates and supports Merkle | RKG’s adoption of new industry and search engine product opportunities and creates best-practices based on key performance goals for Merkle | RKG clients. Additionally, Matt has regularly participated in interviews by Google, MediaPost, and other media outlets for his opinions on the state of the online marketing industry. Matt has also been invited to speak and participate at industry events such as SMX Advanced, ad:tech and Mediapost Search Insider Summit.

Matt holds a degree in economics from the University of Virginia.

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