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For SEO: It Depends

“It depends.” Most clients don’t want to hear those words. Yet you’ll inevitably hear them uttered by every SEO at RKG at some point.

Digital Chemistry – How to Ignite the Spark between PPC and SEO Minds

As with many relationships, the hidden magic that takes place at the intersection of SEO and PPC may not be obvious at first glance.

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Writing for SEO: The Major On-page SEO Scoring Factors

Writing with SEO in mind isn't natural for a lot of us, but once you get the "formula" down and understand where you can influence SEO with keywords on the page, it should be standard practice for anyone working within pages of a site.
Topics: SEO
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Where to Put a New Blog: Domain, Sub-domain or Directory?

(Meg's last post was, Keyword Research: The (Beloved) Step Child of SEO) Some of the most common questions I hear when it’s time to set up a blog for a business are: What should it look like - my site or totally different? What platform should I use? What do we write about? Who will write the posts?
Topics: SEO