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Mia Brennan

Mia Brennan is Director of PPC Testing & Analytics at RKG. Google+ Email

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Midnight Madness: Cyber Monday Shoppers Buy Late into the Night

Shoppers stay up later on Cyber Monday to take advantage of deals last minute. How could this affect your paid search strategy?

Year over Year March Temps & PPC Performance Trends

No doubt weather impacts marketers. A colder or warmer than average season may help or hurt a business, depending on the industry. At RKG, we are noticing the effects of an abnormally warm March 2012 on year over year performance figures.
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Google Announces AdWords Auction Insights Report

Google announced a new AdWords tool today – Auction Insights. The goal of the tool is to give advertisers a deeper view of the auction environment at the keyword level without divulging too much competitor information.