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Michael Walton

Vice President, Technology Solutions Technical Team Leader
Michael Walton

Mike leads Merkle's Tech Lead Capability practice and overall Technical Delivery groups. His teams are responsible for the successful implementation and customization of all Merkle technical solutions, the improvement of processes, and the technical mentoring of the developer community.

Mike has also recently built a Connected Recognition (cR) competency team that is responsible for delivery of all Connected Recognition implementation, as well as providing thought leadership, best practices, and standard assets around the concepts of customer data integration (CDI) and digital data integration (DDI).

Mike has over 20 years of experience in technology-related implementations. After joining Merkle in 2004, he has held roles and responsibilities relating to commercial database, nonprofit database, enterprise technology, and currently, serves as VP, Marketing Solutions.  He has managed project implementations for companies such as: DIRECTV, Ross-Simons, The Scooter Store, Bose, Group RCI, Dell, Nike, Hallmark Data Systems, Digi-Key, Lowe's, Hot Topic, and T-Mobile.

Prior to working at Merkle, Mike‘s experience includes: managing interface design for CRM applications developer, Pegasystems, and technical sales and implementation engineering roles at Global Knowledge Training, and PetroSkills.

Mike graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Chemical Engineering, with minors in Mathematics, Chemistry, and English (Creative Writing).​

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