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Morten Lileng

Vice President, Enterprise Technology Group
Morten Lileng

Morten leads the Recognition Technology and Data Services solutions, including KnowledgeLink (KL), Digital Data Integration Engine (DDIE), IntelliDRESS, the real-time data-as-a-service platform and Connected Recognition, enabling cross-channel recognition and event management. He is also instrumental to research within Social Media, Internet of Things, BigData and graph databases. Morten was a Principle Enterprise and Solution Architect at Capgemini prior to joining Merkle. His responsibilities included architecture, design and implementation of mission critical service-enabled composite applications for clients such as Disney, AT&T and HP. 

Morten has a B.S. in Computer Engineering and is an active Board Member of the OpenGroup and Cloudera.

Morten's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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