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Paul Spiegler

Senior Director, Digital Strategy, Merkle Life Sciences
Paul Spiegler

Paul has more than 28 years of experience in healthcare marketing and business development. For the past two years, he has been leading customer-centric digital promotion strategies for multiple business units with key clients in the life sciences industry, leveraging Merkle’s core strengths in strategy, CRM/database technology, and analytics. 

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Pharmaceutical Marketers Need to Get the Physician Message Right

Often times when physician engagement or lift does not meet benchmarks, companies are quick to point fingers at the marketing channel.  Whether it’s email or a third-party vendor, the response might be, “Let’s not work with that channel anymore.” But most channels have a long history of success. The question to ask is “Are you presenting the right message to these high-value physicians?”

A Top 5 Pharma Company Used Tele-detailing and Increased TRx 3.3% in Just 7 Months

Most pharmaceutical companies, at one time or another, have had an inside sales force. That is, either an internal team of professionals trained to contact HCPs and their offices via the phone and engage them in clinical, product-based discussions, or possibly a contracted external team focused on distribution of samples or patient education materials. Over the years, many of these programs have been scaled back or eliminated as pharmaceutical companies look for ways to reduce overhead in the absence of metrics that validate tactical or channel impact.  

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Electronic Health Records: In Pursuit of Partnership

Every brand director would love to have the ability to send a relevant message to a physician at the point of care, specifically when they are speaking with the brand’s target patient. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is fast becoming the platform to help make this wish a reality.