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Rick Gentry

Director, Customer Strategy
Rick Gentry

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Donor Journey Disrupters—Facebook, Amazon, Google and More

At a time when many are warning of a shrinking donor universe, many fundraisers are focused on the importance of an effective donor journey. At the heart of building more successful long-term relationships with supporters is the marketer’s ability to make decisions about key considerations, such as what content to serve, what to ask of each constituent, when they should receive it and in which channels.

Facebook - What Next and How to Plan for It?

Facebook - What's Next and How to Plan for It?

As a fundraiser, you understand that your duty is to be a good steward and always act with accountability and integrity toward your donors. Facebook is now faced with a very similar challenge, as it works to rebuild trust, while still delivering on its business model’s promise of personalized experiences.

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Facebook Stumbles, But Doesn’t Fall

As Facebook has become increasingly embedded in the lives of millions around the world, its importance has also grown for nonprofit organizations as a vital channel for engaging with existing and potentially new supporters and donors.