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Robert DeHaan

Senior Marketing Analyst, Quantitative Marketing Group

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The Pokemon Go registration screen

A Targeted View of Pokémon Go

The overnight success of augmented reality game Pokemon Go should have marketers thinking about the endless possibilities for targeting consumers.

Analytics Madness

As an avid college sports fan, every year I anxiously wait for March to roll around so I can lose myself in the pageantry and drama associated with the big dance. Outside of my alma mater, Maryland, I have little true rooting interest in any game. Cheering for tight games and upsets more than anything else, I grow envious of the crowd that gets to witness the likes of R.J. Hunter’s bracket busting 3-pointer as time wound down.

[video_resize width="100" padding="58" url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqFuDtV5xHk"][/video_resize]