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Ron Park

Vice President, Merkle Analytics
Ron Park

Ron and his team focus on utilizing data, analytics and technology to develop and execute on marketing strategies that aid marketing organizations in understanding their customers and monetizing relationships through personalized experiences. Previously, Ron led Merkle’s Retail Practice and has also led Merkle's Analytic Practice, leading more than 180 dedicated analytic professionals who serve over 50 world-class clients, driving fact-based decision making with analytic methodologies.

Ron has more than 18 years of experience in customer and marketing analytics. Ron has led key engagements with clients across industries, but with a heavy emphasis on retailers like Walmart, Nike, Urban Outfitters and Dell. He has helped clients better define a CRM strategy internally to improve their marketing results through better targeting and through defined processes and methodical approaches to their marketing campaigns.

Prior to joining Merkle, Ron has held positions at Hostway, a leading web hosting company for small businesses, InfoWorks, a member of Rapp Collins Worldwide, and Market Knowledge, now part of Equifax. Ron holds an MS in Applied Math from DePaul University and a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Ron's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Big Data: The Rise and Fall of Analytics

Big Data has truly arrived in marketing, but that doesn't mean its arrival is all for the better. We must not equate the mere presence of analytics with good analytics. 

What Makes Millennials Tick?

What Makes Millennials Tick

Learn whether or not the psychology of decision making for millennials is really different from others. 

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The Marketing Brain Game

All marketers want to get inside consumers' heads. But understanding their decision-making processes is no easy feat. To truly comprehend the conscious and subconscious workings of the human brain, marketers need to understand cognitive neuroscience and cognitive psychology.
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Exploring Consumer Insights Beyond Brand Benefits

Market research is typically designed to help marketers understand the key drivers and perceptions of consumers and is often focused on the benefits of a brand. For example, how much importance does a consumer place on factors such as price, convenience, service and selection?
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The Neuroanalytics of Marketing

View an on-demand version of this webinar where our speakers share how to apply Means-End Theory to quantify both rational and emotional consumer decisioning factors.
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What Is A Data Scientist?

This new buzz word, data scientist, seems to be all over the place. I see in AdAge how companies like P&G are hiring these folks. Well, for over a year, I’ve been on a search to find the elusive data scientist and I’ve gotta tell you, it’s a rare bird.
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The Continental Drift of the Database

What’s the most basic concept of a data set or a database? I think it’s the primary key. Meaning, the primary key is the single element in a data structure that enables you to integrate two pieces of information.
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Nerds vs. Geeks

As we look to the future of analytics, I believe there will be several forms or types of analytic professionals that are evolving. As the age of Big Data evolves and analytics becomes more and more sexy in the enterprise, analytics too will evolve.