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Sara Hogan

Director, Growth Marketing, Loyalty Solutions
Sara Hogan

Sara brings over 15 years of marketing, strategy and loyalty experience to Merkle. As Director of Growth Marketing, Sara drives innovative marketing strategy and business development solutions for the Merkle Loyalty Solutions group.

Sara's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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The Unified Customer Experience Strategy and Why It Matters to Marketers, Part 2

Executing a unified customer experience strategy requires having the right marketing technology tools to create a single customer view, analyze disparate streams of data, and most importantly, automate decisioning.


The Unified Customer Experience Strategy and Why It Matters to Marketers, Part 1

For a consumer that faithfully engages with a brand over time, there are few things more frustrating than having inconsistent experiences. In this age of personalization, recommendation engines, retargeting, and “just for me” marketing, consumers have high expectations for their brand interactions.

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Today's Technology Fuels Tomorrow's Loyalty

As technology evolves, so do consumers’ expectations — and their demands. While this may seem like common sense, or at least an inevitability of the information age, what it means for brands and retailers is that forward-leaning technology needs to be a centerpiece of your loyalty strategy.
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Leveraging Loyalty Data to Deliver a Happy (and Profitable) Holiday Season

As the 2017 holiday season quickly approaches — one that is expected to herald a 3.1 percent increase in sales over 2016 — retailers across many spend categories need the kind of loyalty program that can both retain and acquire customers… and pay dividends that go beyond the holiday season as well
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Using Data to Unlock Customer Loyalty

Data is the key that unlocks loyalty and paves the way toward true people-based marketing. And yet for all the importance we place on data, many marketers continue to be effective at collecting it and less diligent about putting it to good use.