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Todd McDonald

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2013 – Break the (Digital) Marketing Silos

The challenge: In 2013, identify one silo in your company’s marketing department - then bust it. It doesn’t matter how big or small the separation is, find the opportunity and begin to create unity.

MediaPost covers RKG's Todd McDonald's Blog on Google Disavow Tool


Google Disavow Swings Doors Open To Trouble

MediaPost recently covered a blog post by RKG's Todd McDonald:


"Todd McDonald explains an "unexpected side effect" from Google's Disavow Link tool. One comment suggests that bad-hat SEOs could buy and use links until they are caught and then ask Google to disavow them. McDonald believes the new tool might have "swung the door open" too much for the link manipulators. He tells us why SEOs that are too aggressive can capitalize on the short term while being even more able to regain footing in the long term. Before this tool, using paid links meant risking a lot. What does it mean now?"

Read the entire blog post here: /blog/unexpected-side-effect-google-disavow-link-tool/17102012/
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Identifying and Utilizing Niche Social Media for Link Building

Test: If you’ve been working in any industry with an online presence, whether as a business owner or a consultant of some kind, you’re likely quite familiar with the major social media sites around (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.).
Topics: SEO