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Uzra Edery

VP of Strategy & Transformation
Uzra Edery

Uzra Edery is the VP of Strategy & Transformation at Merkle. She has over 10 years of management consulting experience delivering large-scale customer-centric transformation projects. At Merkle, Uzra is focused on leading customer strategy and roadmap projects for leading clients across Financial Services, Travel Media & Entertainment, High Tech and Communications.

Prior to joining Merkle, Uzra held various positions at Accenture, Nokia, and American Express. Her background includes customer data strategy and analytics, mobile and digital measurement strategy, competitive benchmarking, business modeling and financial analysis to support new product development and go-to-market strategy for digital travel products.

Uzra has an MBA from the University of Oxford, Oxford, England and a B.S. in Mathematics from Davidson College, Davidson, NC. 

Uzra's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Bridging departmental silos

Bridging Departmental Silos to Harness People-Based Marketing Transformation

Departmental silos are a natural side effect of business growth and deepening functional expertise. However, they diminish an organization’s ability to drive a unified vision, deliver fragmented customer experiences, and make it difficult to realize broad-scale transformational objectives.

The Future State Is the Finish Line

Customer-centric transformations, much like running marathons, require commitment, determination, and discipline. Both appear to be lengthy, grueling, iterative, and laden with uncertainty and risks every step of the way. They both require setting “stretch” goals, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and demand flexibility and persistence to adapt, change course, or simply continue moving forward when unexpected obstacles arise. Transformations, similar to marathons, often start full of momentum and energy, then lose steam and become difficult to sustain.  

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Segmentation Anchors Your Addressable Customer Strategy

Can traditional segmentation models really address the needs and behaviors of the modern consumer — increasingly unpredictable, always connected, socially influenced, and decreasingly brand loyal? Is segmentation still relevant in a world of mass-personalization?
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Avoiding Mobile Pitfalls

With nearly 1.4 billion smart phone users worldwide, and 140 million of them within the United States, mobile technology has transformed the way consumers interact with brands and consume various products and services.