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Scott Brenneman

Associate Director, Solution Management

Scott's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

5 Marketing Automation Tips for SMBs from the Experts

Not sure how to get started with implementing marketing automation for your SMB? These 5 tips from MTA experts will help you make the leap effectively.

Identity Resolution

How Identity Resolution Enhances a Customer Data Platform

The purpose of a CDP is to collect all available customer data, first, second, and third-party, batch or streaming into one central location to serve marketing needs; all in real time. The ideal CDP is a tool for receiving both your known customers and anonymous, digital customers.

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The New Customer Retention

Keeping an existing customer is more valuable to your company than trying to find a new one. So how can B2B marketers go about retaining their customers in the 21st century? Here are three key considerations.
Topics: B2B