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3 Factors That Are Driving Instagram Ad Spending Growth

In the last few months of 2020 leading up to the holidays, people across the country craved connection with their friends and family more than ever. In the Q4 Digital Marketing Report, Merkle saw that advertisers rose to meet this challenge, shifting media spend across different platforms to best meet their audience. Instagram ad spending increased 30% Y/Y due to three main factors: more users, social commerce, and influencer marketing.

COVID-19 and the Growth of Digital Experiences

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital solutions, requiring marketers to test new formats, brands to learn and adapt to new ways of engaging with their communities, and consumers to embrace the digital age. Companies must continue evolving their digital experiences to meet customers' changing needs.

The Key Considerations for Media in Q1 2021 (Vlog)

2020 was a year full of surprises and quick reactions for organizations. But what are the key considerations that need to be in the back of media marketer’s minds as we continue into 2021?

Brands Turn to Digital in Super Bowl LV

Many longstanding Super Bowl advertisers opted out of National TV Buys this year, but digital remained an important investment.

Google to Retire Broad Match Modifier Match Type

Today, Google announced that its Broad Match Modifier (BMM) match type will be retired in favor of an expanded phrase match. BMM keywords will start being treated as the new, expanded phrase match in mid-February, with support for new BMM keyword creation ending in July. What should marketers do to adapt?
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