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Alison Berman

Senior Strategy Manager
Alison Berman

Alison Berman is the Senior Manager of Market Research at Merkle, where she examines target audiences and performs competitive analysis to identify opportunities for top financial service institutions. In addition, Alison is the marketing material author for Merkle’s Financial Services Industry News and Merkle’s Marketing Insights Industry Research Reports, each of which are designed to provide industry insight and keep clients informed of emerging trends and opportunities across many lines of business, including: insurance, savings and deposits, credit cards, payments, consumer lending, small business banking, investments, and wealth management.

Alison has been with Merkle since 2009 and has over eight years of experience in financial services marketing. Prior to Merkle, Alison worked in account management with a focus on direct marketing for a regional advertising agency.

Alison is a graduate from the R.H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing. In addition, Alison is currently in the process of completing a Digital Certificate Program at New York University with an emphasis in digital marketing strategy and analytics. Alison is a Certified Merkle Digital Professional and has been recognized at Merkle’s annual awards for Excellence in Client Impact (2014), Excellence in Service (2013), and the Best One Team Award (2012).

Alison's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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Financial Services Industry News: February 2016

This month’s edition provides a recent article published in Financial Brand on key measurements for demonstrating marketing success, as well as a look at how banks can improve the digital experience, and much, much more. Download it today.
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Financial Services Industry News: January 2016

We hope you enjoy January’s edition of Financial Services Industry News to learn about the latest news and developments across the retail banking and financial services industry, including big banks beginning to embrace startups, tech taking the headache out of mortgages, and much more.
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Financial Services Industry News: December 2015

This month's financial services report includes a look at "Google Compare," Google's mortgage comparison tool, the continued growth of in-store mobile payment, the growing worry about retirement savings possessed by women and more. Download it today.
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Marketing Insights: Wealth Management

In this 2015 edition of Marketing Insights Wealth Management, we examine the change in one of the most attractive sectors within financial services. Investments and wealth management offerings are essential to attracting and retaining high-quality, profitable retail bank customers.
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Marketing Insights: Education Finance

The student lending arena is rapidly changing. The change is fueled by the interjection of new FinTech players chasing the student loan refinance business, brought about in part by changes in the federal funding of student lending programs.