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2021 Customer

With a lasting impact from pandemic norms, what’s it going to take now for a business to thrive? One thing is certain, it will involve a big shift in thinking and in working. An adjusted center. A total customer experience transformation.

This year’s Imperatives - now available in digital or audio format - take you beyond the marketing bubble, where the total customer experience is achieved by connecting experiences across marketing, sales, commerce, and service. It all hinges on achieving both data transformation and digital transformation — and ultimately, how your organization adapts to customer obsession.

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This year’s Imperatives

data transformation

Data Transformation

Data transformation is what creates the fuel that drives your connection with customers. It’s the privacy-safe acquisition, management, analysis, and activation of valuable data, with cloud platforms and AI facilitating and informing customer experiences in real time.

digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not about having a better website. It’s about putting the customer’s motivations before the brand and delivering every experience in a way that is informed by what you know about a customer — enough to pivot in a flash, when that customer needs change.

adaptive organization

The Adaptive Organization

Changing how people work, producing outputs that matter, quickly and collaboratively, requires enterprise agility. This requires the business to harmonize through a true customer lens, rather than center around the structures, systems, processes, and core capabilities required to deliver it.

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