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Submitted by spiccirilli on Mon, 06/12/2017 - 22:12
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Today’s marketer is experiencing a renaissance in one-to-one marketing. This is driven by our ability to better master the marketing funnel through the unification of the consumer experience across all media and channels. We are able to target a specific persons in the upper parts of the funnel that were, in the past, reserved for mass communication to create awareness. Even in the earliest stages of communication, we are able to provide a specific message tailored to a specific person. At the foundation of this is the ecosystems of platforms, technologies, and partnerships that work seamlessly to create associations across all the signals that make up the identity of a person. These associations create a graph across terrestrial identities (name and address), digital identities (social handles), and device identities (cookies and mobile marketing identifiers). This identity graph is used to connect the consumer experience and allow marketers to have a consistent, continuous dialog with a person. This graph also powers the marketer to create richer insights around consumer propensity, message relevance, and marketing measurement. In the absence of this identity graph, marketers are forced to be reactive to a set of accidental experiences, which sub-optimizes marketing investments. Conquering the identity graphs represents the most foundational component for marketing technology and the biggest challenge for organizations. To be successful you will have to unite not only different technologies but also disparate marketing teams.

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