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The Hybrid Services Approach

One of the most significant shifts in the business landscape over recent years has been the move to in-house marketing – bringing agency services inside the organization.

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Customer Engagement Report

It's about time we shared our insights. After over 30 years of being entrenched in our clients’ CRM aspirations and achievements, there’s certainly no pretending that customer engagement is easy.

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Customer Experience: A Key Brand Differentiator

TJ Claridge, Senior Manager for Analytics at Merkle, and Frank Lee, Senior Director Analytics at Merkle, discuss how customer trust is a competitive advantage, how to reveal a maturity map to see where your company fits in this process, and how a team should be structured for success so that the experience is
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Key Insights to Inform the Future of Your CRM

With marketers spending more and more of their budget on personalization tactics, the need for people-based marketing strategies is growing and customer relationship marketing (CRM) is beginning to evolve.
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Patient Consent Required – It’s Not Your Data!

Google’s data deal with Ascension Health that was announced last week yet again reinforces why patients and advocacy groups need to be included, from the start, on major contracts involving personal health information (PHI).
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The Need for a Centralized Analytics Team

How can a centralized analytics team help not only break down organizational silos but also help learn more about your customers and their behaviors across channels?