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How to Leverage a Test and Learn Strategy to Optimize Your Holiday Email Campaigns

As marketers, we have no shortage of data, but we might lack a strategy to leverage that data.

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How to Build Your Database and Enhance Your Data for Personalized Communications

Learn how to understand your customer's preferences and add an engagement layer to your data to help you build a connected identity for your customer and enable you to use people-based outreach str

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BzzAgent's Blogs

Been reading about BzzAgent through their many blogs (90days.bzzagent.com, blog.bzzagent.com, oldblog.bzzagent.com) Their transparency is amazing -- and inspiring.
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Shooting Fish In A Barrel: Google's Third-Party Click Fraud Audit Report

Google's "How Fictitious Clicks Appear In Third-Party Click Fraud Audit Reports" wasn't attacking those concerned about fraudulent clicks, Google was attacking firms promoting weak methodologies which attempt to estimate fraud. Reading Google's response was like watching someone shoot fish in a barrel -- not at all difficult for the shooter, and decidedly unpleasant for the fish.

SEM Pricing Models, Part 2

A better compensation model is to pay your SEM based on a fraction of the advertising dollars they spend on your behalf.

SEM Pricing Models

What’s the best pricing model for aligning your SEM’s goals with your own goals? The answer seems obvious: revenue-sharing. Unfortunately, the intuitively obvious answer turns out to be wrong.