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Google Dominates US Paid Search – Can It Be Toppled?

Google has long been the most dominant US search engine. How did it get to its current position, and is there any chance it might fall?

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How to Centralize Your Data and Improve Audience Analysis

More data means a struggle, not only with the sheer volume of data, but also in housing it. The solution? Utilizing a centralized storage platform.

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What is the Real ROI of Attribution?

With the advent of digital marketing and machine-based learning, technology has revived the hopes of marketers in their ability to quantify the value they and their campaigns bring back to the business.

What a Cloud-Based Data Solution Means for Data Scientists, Marketers, and IT

Cloud computing has gained popularity due to the lower upfront capital investment, flexible cost and support models, scaling on demand, and the increasing number of platforms and services in the cloud. Here, we will share lessons and implications for data scientists, marketers, and IT looking to leverage a cloud-based data solution.