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How to Leverage a Test and Learn Strategy to Optimize Your Holiday Email Campaigns

As marketers, we have no shortage of data, but we might lack a strategy to leverage that data.

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How to Build Your Database and Enhance Your Data for Personalized Communications

Learn how to understand your customer's preferences and add an engagement layer to your data to help you build a connected identity for your customer and enable you to use people-based outreach str

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"Back to school", and the median age at Google

Having grade school aged kids, when I see "back to school" I think of disney lunch boxes, backpacks, notebook paper, and pencils. For a couple of seconds, I was somewhat mystified to see sunglasses, futons, and boxer shorts...
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Who Do You Trust?

Claim: BillMeLater creates reciprocal trust from the shopper to the retailer because the retailer is extending credit on the spot. In contrast, PayPal and GoogleCheckout when marketing their wallets to consumers stress the benefits of keeping private information (credit card, email, etc) from the merchant.

Staying Private

The EFF has an interesting post on How To Keep Your Search History Private.
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Big Development: Google Coupons

Google announced a means for local businesses to distribute coupons through Google Maps. Being able to show the benefit of an online ad pushing sales into a store is huge -- the holy grail of response advertising.