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Better Tracking Increases Sales Efficiency


  • 48%

    Rate by which acquisition goals were exceeded two quarters after implementation, while maintaining prior campaign lead CPA

  • 36%

    Rate by which adjusted acquisition goals were exceeded in third quarter after implementation, again at the same CPA

  • 10%

    Rate at which CPA target was exceeded in one month alone

  • 56%

    Increase in in-branch redemptions for business checking accounts in one two-month span


Tracking connections between search-driven leads and offline bank account signups and acquisition costs.


We created a multi-faceted solution built on highly pinpointed keyword tracking, regionally focused online coupons, enhanced cost-per-acquisition (CPA) monitoring tools and A/B testing for copy and landing pages.

Additional Highlights

The implementation of keyword-level tracking at both the branch and online account levels enabled immediate growth in account optimization capabilities.

Massive changes in the regulatory environment caused significant changes to the manner in which accounts were acquired and caused an increased emphasis on regional level targeting, so that:

  • When regional messaging became a regulatory requirement, campaigns could be quickly adjusted based on regional data at the keyword and global level
  • When the client altered their product mix due to regulatory requirements, we could quickly adjust by understanding each product keyword’s performance at the regional level
  • Ad copy and landing pages were tested by region to determine which drove the better acquisition activity at the branch location

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