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1-800-FLOWERS.com, Inc.: Getting to Know Your Customers Across Multiple Brands

CRM and campaign data integration is helping 1-800-FLOWERS better track lifetime customer value by measuring revenue per member, member activity, frequency of engagement, cross-brand shopping

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Global Entertainment Company Cross-sells to Most Valuable Customers

We helped an international entertainment manufacturer looking to create a multi-phased set of programs that expanded and transformed their current digital marketing capabilities.

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Customer Segmentation
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People-based Marketing Increases HCP Engagement and Marketing Impact

People-Based Marketing Increases HCP Engagement and Marketing Impact

With health care professionals relying on an increasing number of non-personal promotional channels, we have a unique approach to HCP marketing.

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Arthritis Foundation Increases Net Revenue

Arthritis Foundation Increases Net Revenue

With Arthritis Foundation looking for all opportunities to cut unnecessary costs, we developed a unique solution to help them stop paying for duplicate names.

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We identified and validated niche audiences for a top credit-card issuer

Cards and Population Expansion

A top credit card issuer used targeting and segment-specific creative to expand its pool of prospects.

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Details on a digital acquisition and innovation programĀ for a top-three U.S. card issuer

Card Search

We helped a top-three card issuer jumpstart its lagging specialty card programs with a search acquisition structure aligned to where consumers were in the purchase funnel.

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Our multimedia and multi-product loan program substantially improved ROI

Household Loan Engine

A major bank substantially improved marketing ROI with product-level response models and a value-based arbitration engine.

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Lifecycle- and value-based segmentation for a global cruise line

Lifecycle and Value-Based Segmentation

Robust lifecycle models helped a global cruise company reduce the purchase cycle by an average of 12%.

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