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Dynamic Amazon Bidding Strategy Drives Tremendous Growth for Retailer


  • +718%

    Monthly revenue growth over a 12-month span, with average month-over-month growth of 22%

  • +497%

    Increase in ad spend over the same 12-month span

  • 2.8

    Overall ROAS (return on ad spend), with an average monthly ROAS of 2.95

  • Amazon Sponsored Products Performance - ROAS
  • Amazon Sponsored Product Performance - Sales

Key to Success:

  • Nimble bidding technology that adapts quickly to changes in performance targets
  • Experienced analysts to layer strategic oversight on top of bidding calculations
  • Frequent search term report analysis to identify unqualified traffic and add negatives
  • Clean campaign structure to enable streamlined analysis, budgeting, bidding, and keyword additions


Our client was new to Amazon Sponsored Products, only having tested the platform for a three-week stint prior to coming to Merkle. They sought the expertise of an experienced agency to help get their program off the ground.


The Merkle team followed best practices to build out a mix of automatic and manual campaigns — casting a wide net to capture relevant traffic. We used a tiered approach to appropriately bid keywords based on their expected return to meet the client’s efficiency goals while staying within budget.

After launch, the team conducted regular search term analyses to find new keywords and negatives, added keyword coverage for new products, and made bidding adjustments to continuously optimize the account.

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