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Eastwood: Driving Brand Searches and Incremental Sales with Video


  • 220%

    Lift in brand searches

  • 1,300%

    Lift in product searches in viewers vs. control groups

  • Work deemed "Best in Class" for the Automotive vertical by Google

  • 2.1M

    Unique users reached by ads

  • 820K

    Completed video views at a cost of $0.04 per completed view

  • 413%

    Lift in incremental sales during test period


The objective of our campaign was to increase brand searches and incremental sales with a video content campaign.

Our goal was to drive a 2X lift of brand searches and specific product searches and 700,000 completed video views. Eastwood also asked for a cost-per-completed video view of $.05 or less so we kept a strict focus on cost while working to create that lift.


We repurposed two of Eastwood’s national TV ads as 30-second YouTube pre-roll ad placements. One video was chosen for brand awareness and the other was product-specific, showcasing Eastwood’s Underhood LED Work Light.

Lift in branded searches by device

This entry-level product was chosen for its large up-sale potential. It introduced automobile enthusiasts to the Eastwood brand so after their positive experience with the product and the company, they’d be likely to shop with Eastwood again.

We tightly targeted audience segments to drive brand exposure and search lift at an economical cost-per-view. We targeted several user segments including YouTube In-Market Segments, URL-based custom affinity targeting for competitor URLs, and keyword targeting for competitor keywords in combination with a subset of Eastwood keywords.

This multi-faceted approach maximized the likelihood of reaching potential Eastwood customers.

The creativity in this campaign came with the tracking. The effectiveness of our work relied on us being able to prove our campaign’s impact on queries and sales. Our solution was to use a sophisticated approach to tracking, combining Google’s Brand Lift study and DoubleClick to get the full picture of performance. 

Google search volume by month




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